About Me

Hello and welcome!

My husband and I met when we were 35 and, after a whirlwind romance, we made the decision that we wanted a family together pretty quickly.  Considering that we were both 35, we started trying for a baby nine months after we met (which may sound crazy to some!).  But, we knew this was IT.  I thought it might take us a few months, but never in a million years did I think we would struggle for THIS long.  We have been trying for a little short of three years now with a lot of speed bumps (if only it was a different type of bump!) along the way.  We’re still not across the finish line in The Egg And The Sperm Race, but we’re both bloody-minded and determined to get there.  I know we will get there, but I just don’t know when.

This is a blog about my battle with infertility, Asherman’s Syndrome and IVF.  Sometimes I feel very lonely in this process, but from time to time it’s been comforting knowing that I’m not alone through reading other women’s (and men’s) stories.  I also feel that infertility isn’t talked about enough – so many of us struggle in silence.  So, if I can help one woman (or man) along the way by sharing my story, I’ll be chuffed.  In the words of Michael Jackson:  You Are Not Alone.

If your curious, I recommend you start by looking at my timeline.



You can contact me on: theeggandspermraceblog@gmail.com