And the Frozen Finalists are…

And the Frozen Finalists are…

… Embryo samples 2 and 5: Sven and Olaf.  We have two normal embryos!!  I AM SO RELIEVED.

H and I were so nervous – especially H.  Normally it’s me, but this time he was pacing up and down the waiting room, so we excused ourselves and got a coffee and some fresh air before taking a deep breath, walking back into the clinic and our appointment.

Funny enough, our two normal embryos are two of the day 6 embryos (BB quality), the stragglers, and not the one which looked to be of best quality (a day 5 AB quality embryo).   Elsa and Anna are out of the game (and so is Kristof).  This makes me think that if we had not done PGS testing, the day 5 AB embryo would have been transferred on day 5 and would have either not implanted or I would have miscarried again.  I find this fascinating.

Our consultant commented that perhaps my body takes extra time to produce embryos and that this would line up with my rather slow-developing lining (more on my wacky ERA results another day).

I’m still soaking up the news – this feels like a milestone in our journey.   We’re having a Champagne to celebrate tonight. I’ll be chatting to and cheering on Olaf (the snowman)  and Sven (the reindeer) from now until embryo transfer (read about feeling connected to my embryos here).




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