The Egg Race (IVF Round 4) – New Beginnings

The Egg Race (IVF Round 4) – New Beginnings

Today is the start of new beginnings: the start of my fourth egg collection. I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of months mentally resetting.  Right now, I feel positive,  hopeful and excited.  I saw the lovely nurse at the clinic this morning for an ultrasound scan and the lining looks thin enough (1.7mm) to start . For an Asherman’s survivor having a thin lining fills you with FEAR, but today I’ll take it. Current IVF score after three rounds is:  IVF 3 – Me 0.  BRING ON ROUND 4.

I began stimulating this evening. For my first three rounds, I took Menopur (300iu in the first round and 450iu in the second and third rounds). This time we are going for the Rolls Royce of stimulation drugs: Bemfola. I will be taking the max dose: 450iu.

I am not squeamish and I’ve never had an issue with needles, so I don’t mind the injection phase – hats off to those of you who have fear of needles and still do this!!  I was just thinking about all the odd places in which I have been “shooting up” throughout this process: work loo, random office medical room, a Pilates studio, a wedding (mid-speeches), hotels on work trips and the classiest place must have been the public toilet at Natural Kitchen (somehow it felt more virtuous than doing “it” at Gourmet Burger Kitchen).  Sometimes I wonder if I could add to the “Other” section of my CV (or perhaps the dreaded “Interests” section):  Highly skilled at self-administering subcutaneous injections in a calm, motivated and efficacious manner.

The Bemfola injection has its advantages over Menopur: it comes pre-packed and in single doses. I didn’t have to put on my white coat, play lab rat and mix the solution before injecting it. And, I also don’t have to keep the little ampule with mixed solution in the fridge. The Bemfola works like the Ovitrelle trigger injection, which I took in my first three rounds.  I simply put the needle onto to syringe, turned the knob to the right dose, made sure there was a drop at the end of the needle and injected – simples.  (And then I safely discarded the needle in my sharps bin and recycled the packaging – one heartbreaking thing is the amount of waste

I have a blood clotting disorder (which I will write about at a later date), so I have to take Clexane (a blood thinner) injections daily to reduce the risk of thrombosis (blood clots in blood vessels). Some people take a blood thinner, such as Clexane, for a few days pre-embryo transfer and for some time post transfer (usually up to 12 weeks), but because i have a 20 times higher risk of developing thrombosis, I need to take it during the stimulation phase too.  When you take high doses of estrogen (or your body produces estradiol – a form of estrogen – during pregnancy), the risk of a blood clot is six times higher than normal. I asked my consultant if that meant that when I take estrogen, the risk of me getting a blood clot is 120 times than that of a normal woman?!! (I’d probably be dead by now if that was the case.) He assured me that wasn’t the case, but couldn’t give me the exact number…

The annoying thing with Clexane is that it stings when you infect it and then leaves a nice souvenir in the form of a bruise. Lucky it’s not beach season yet!! And thinking about it, I’m not really sure where in London I’d be flaunting my bare tummy, so it really isn’t a major problem – after all, I gave up the crop tops in 2003!!



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